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Fall 2015 UPDATE - 25 Years!

Words are more potent to lift up, encourage, edify or tear down and destroy than we probably ever realize. Proverbs 18:21 tells us that the power of life and death are in the power of the tongue. And for those of you who are married to, or are one yourselves…one whose love language is “words of affirmation”… then you do realize that a word can empower you or make you powerless. I am married to one of those…for now 30 years and I still must remind myself that a mere word of affirming who she is, what she does or looks like can change my world! Because it changes hers.

Not sure why this letter starts this way, except maybe I want to express in my typed words, how much Tammy & I and our children think of what the Body of Christ and the Lord have done for us in the first 25 years of Aten Ministries. Where to begin? In 1990, the Lord led this very young couple in life and in marriage to launch out into what many thought was a strange, little crazy, unintelligent choice, to leave the stability of two well-paying ministry positions and live on offerings and charitable gifts (with a 2 yr-old mind ya) and travel around in a 35 ft. pull trailer and a suburban; both of which the Lord provided in obvious miraculous form to equip us to do what was His idea to begin with. I guess that’s been the difference in the journey, rather than choosing to do something out of mere common sense and desire; but all the difference made when He births the thing. You can bet a 100% guarantee of success in His eyes… and even in ours and those around us who were watching the tiny steps by steps of faith we were taking. That doesn’t mean that we have not run out of the circle over the years and chosen wisely every turn, but in the end, the overall result is one that we still anticipate hearing, “Well done.” Tammy’s words that have been spoken hundreds of times in testimony still ring true. “I do not want to have lived my life to be 80 years old one day, and not have known that I did what I was made to do. Whether it made sense, was safe or not.” There was & is no greater peace. Experiencing God came into our lives at the perfect time, and we launched out on Thanksgiving Day, 1990 for what has now been 25 years of an on-going GOD thing in our lives.

And because of that, His peace has been what’s carried us day by day; especially lately when our inner circle seems to have been hit by an atomic bomb of sickness, death, division and divorce. All those things have happened simultaneously in both of our families. We appreciate the prayers for Tammy’s mom, Jo, who we see not ever going back to her house, but now back to her home, Floydada. She’s been here in Granbury since July, but improved enough to be able to now have her own apartment in an assisted living (BEEHIVE, formerly Shepherd of the Meadows) back home in Floydada. God knows we have struggled, but He has carried us with clear direction today. She has rebounded with a touch of dementia, but stable… 83 Years young!
And in edifying the Lord for what He’s done, we want to say to you that this quarter of a century of ministry would not have been possible had it not been for the generous hearts and spirits that you have demonstrated to us as a family and ministry. It really is a milestone in human opinion, but we have witnessed some great examples in this life of faith. We are convinced in 2015 that we are to continue pressing on wherever the Lord leads with Aten Ministries. He’s still allowing us, in a day of fewer “revivals” and overall spiritual apathy, to have a full schedule of opportunities when in season. Provision after provision; even time off to take care of Tammy’s mom was determined before-hand. Your faithful giving, month by month, year by year has carried us to more than 2000 churches in the US and over 10 foreign countries.

Thousands have come to Christ, new churches have been birthed and even more have been strengthened spiritually and in marriage & family commitment. Somehow God’s accounting department sees every dollar and intention sent our way and makes the deposit in your stead, after multiplying it for us.

Thank you. God has loved us through you. He has blessed us through you. He has carried us through you and He has worked supernaturally through what you have given. And NOW is the time to celebrate ALL these things with 2 anniversary celebrations we have planned for the month of November. First, November 7, 2015 will be for the Granbury/East area here at our church in Acton. Second, November 14 will be for the Lubbock/west area at the Spirit Ranch in Lubbock. You are invited to join us for one (or both!) as we thank the Lord and each of you for such faithfulness to us and to the Gospel.


Our family is excited and looking forward To November!
With Gratefulness…
Sherman & Tammy




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