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Spring Greetings from Aten Ministries!                                                                           
April 21, 2014
What an awesome privilege and undeserved blessing to be in year 24 of this full-time faith walk! Hard to believe that our God has allowed us to serve almost 2 ½ decades touching people that live all over this big, yet small globe. How well He has carried and led us…step by step. If there is one thing that we have learned, it is to take one step after another in the direction He’s pointed us. We can always trust His heart (a familiar ring!) even when we don’t see His plan.  And that’s kind of where we still are today.

Hopefully, you have in some way been a part of this grand scheme of His - watching our family either in a revival or concert, a camp or retreat, a conference or a mission trip… or a marriage event. We just finished a revival week at FBC in Memphis, Texas where the speaker explained to the church how that we were a “rare” breed these days….referring to Tammy & me. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but we do know there are only a handful of those living in this calling full-time. The sad thing is we see no families coming up behind us.  I wonder what the Lord is doing?

Well, whatever it is, we know He is faithful. And we continue to push on step by step. This year we have just completed 3 of our Three2One Marriage Conferences which spread from our home-base on Lake Granbury where we hosted many couples in ministry, to El Paso where we hosted mostly military couples- all the way to Deming, New Mexico. The great thing about these is not just the refreshment that God brings to everyone attending, but couples getting right with one another and with the Lord. The pastor in Deming continues to share with us the fruit of our weekend together; the latest being how he baptized one of the wives just last Sunday & that a staff member’s marriage was put back together. We had a man actually propose to his wife for real during our communion service… God just does some wonderful things when we let Him!  And in a day where biblical marriage & family are under attack, we have to be intentional on maintaining the relationship. We have a generation of millennials that do not see the need for marriage…even in the church.  It is a new day.

And the new day brings new vision, here at home and abroad. We are preparing to lead the largest group we have ever led (32) to the turbulent and declining country of Venezuela this coming July. We will be ministering through an incredible youth event camp, a marriage conference, a pastor and wive’s training conference, door to door evangelism as well as celebrating with the churches of Falcon on 40 years of Baptist work there.  God have Your way!

And we have a new generation of Aten Ministries coming into the picture – our own set of millennials, our son Josh & our daughter Brooke, have formed worship bands just recently and are beginning to minister in the venues God leads them. Our daughter Brooke is the co-founder of the Dallas Baptist University based band called Amplitude Worship. Checkout their FB page – (link can be found off our Aten family page or their website, And our son Josh is reuniting with 2 friends of his-(God makes all things beautiful in His time)-to form a worship band and they just led their first service at FBC in Throckmorton on Palm Sunday. Some of their contagious worship from their Feedlot Sessions is found on our Aten Family Facebook page. You will be moved. And so, the music of the Aten family continues….

As we look ahead in 2014 we see God still working and inviting us to be a part of the plan. We now support work and pastors in the Philippines, Venezuela and the country of Pakistan. If you are not already a part of what God is doing in Aten Ministries, please ask the Lord if He would lead you to join us. You can contact us about the opportunities of being an Armor Bearer.

I Samuel 14:7

Sherman & Tammy Aten

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Brooke’s New DBU Worship Band
Keynote Jon Randles addresses couples at FBC Deming, NM
Josh’s New Worship Band, Prodigal.
Drew Moses, Shea Abshier, Jimmy James, Josh Aten
Palm Sunday - FBC Throckmorton, TX
Worship band, Gladsome Light, Waco, TX
(also pictured, Scott Dix & Troy Green (Go BEARS!)

Wayland University leading chapel with friends Josh Burgett & Terry Simmons!




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