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Dear ArmorBearers… April 8, 2015

“Love God/Hate Sin - Carpe Diem – Breathe Life - Run to Win – Your marriage is your second greatest testimony – Go strong – Come in the house, Bow down – Jesus Coach me, Maestro me!”. These words or “Jon-isms” we called them will reverberate in our minds forever probably. For the past 20 years, we were blessed beyond many to have worked with what some have called the West Texas Prophet…or the current Jon the Baptist! We just returned home from the celebratory home-going of Jon Randles the day after Easter. And still can’t seem to process that his time of 58 years is up already. We just never really know…do we?

iamgeSo, we prepare to keep running the race; not just to finish, but to win. That was Paul’s orders to us in 1 Corinthians 9:24. “Everyone runs when in a race, but only one receives the prize. Run in such a way as to get the prize.” Jon ran that way. He inspires us to do the same and we have had a great race this season already. It kicked off with our Granbury Three2One Marriage Conference in February that was an anointed weekend for all of us there. Even though Jon & Kelly could not be with us, we were reminded in every session to breathe life on our spouses and to remember that our marriage is the second most powerful testimony we will ever have. THANK YOU to our church at Acton for partnering with us! Then March was full of experiences that are still blessing us. We are seeing churches who are actually having revivals see and experience a time of refreshing and renewal. Springlake Earth….there aren’t 106 people in the town, but we had almost 200 attending the noon and evening services. We just completed a Spiritual Awakening Conference at Scotsdale church in El Paso with our son’s band, Saints & Vagabonds. The church has recently been through a rough patch….which most have these days, so they were extra thirsty for what God had in store. The last service turned into a testimony time where members asked for forgiveness from one another, publicly confessed sinful attitudes and actions toward each other, one Hispanic husband brought his wife for salvation and she was led to the Lord publicly. One successful business owner shared that he had been to every service that week, had iamgeeverything he could buy with money, but was still unhappy and felt nothing. At that point, all the Saints & Vagabonds (Josh, Shea, Drew & Jimmy) went and stood around him as he continued to share his emptiness and they began to pray boldly for this man. The church was experiencing healing and a touch of renewal/revival and it was a joy to see. After 25 years we’ve watched churches come so close to this point of revival, but stop when not given a chance to share with the Body what God has been doing – however, it is only then that we see restoration come. Of course we can’t control that and that is what scares most of us.

iamgeWe are preparing now for a revival in Carizzo Springs at FBC, pastored by a fellow evangelist Jonathan Hewett. God has freedom in this church so we expect Him to move again. Josh’s band just had their first CD release concert (with Brooke and her friend Caden) and it was incredible! They will begin their second D-now of the year in Liberty City and their 2015 schedule is filling up. They led Sabino Road in Tucson’s D-now right after El Paso and the Lord obviously blessed that time so much they have been invited back already for the Fall. We get to go with them this time! Thanks Joe & Nancy.


So we covet your prayers for this busy season for our ministries, but especially a group trip to the Philippines in June. This is a multi-tasking trip which includes a medical team, a women’s conference led by Tammy, a youth basketball camp, and worship concerts in the evenings as well as an orphanage ministry. The cost for all of us is over the $15,000 mark, so pray for God’s provision. He will be glorified in this we know. - Sherman & Tammy






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