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Austin Conference April 2017

“We had never had a marriage conference in the ten years I've served as Pastor. My wife and I have led and participated in many such conferences. Without a doubt, this is the most encouraging and yet gentle ministry to couples we know. Heart's were blessed and marriages were better as a result. The overwhelming response was a desire for another. “
Ken Baldwin, Pastor Kinney Ave.

Three2One - Austin 2017!

From young engaged couples to those married 52 years…where else can a marriage be encouraged, strengthened and enriched as the Lord would have…no where better, we think, than a Three2One Marriage Celebration. @Three2OneMarriage. (Facebook)
“Thank you again for the wonderful weekend here in Austin. Violet and I walked away from the marriage conference with so much value to bring into our upcoming union. It was a true
blessing for us to experience your teaching.” Brian & Violet, engaged


Gilroys, Sixes, Dixes….Atens - Austin Staff

Dnipro & Zaporozhe, UKRAINE!


Last summer, Tammy and I had the opportunity to minister/evangelize in Ukraine through the MGI English School. We met and bonded with Pastor Sergei & his wife Valentina almost immediately. This year, they invited us back to lead 2 marriage conferences, speak to youth on family, plus preach & worship in 2 churches. It was an incredible time investing into couples from this slavic country, which is more PROAMERICA than you can imagine. We were invited to return with
several opportunities to teach music in the universities, lead student/ teacher retreats, and next summer, lead a marriage retreat for over 100 pastors and wives. We are carefully considering returning for an extended stay to accomplish all the Lord makes available. Pray for that to be all God intends and for the provisions needed to make it happen!



FBC Las Cruces, NM
Speaking of Three2One, our “Cadillac” retreats (as per Jon Randles) have been led by our dear friends Richard & Cherry King. The investment they made into their couples was incomparable. Now God’s blessings on you in Kentucky! Hope to join you there soon!




Ministry in Juarez!

Many remember the violence in Mexico due to the cartel and police corruption. Nolan & Marie Shockey, missionaries to Juarez, invited us to come and speak to a group of pastors they work with, while we were at Scotsdale in El Paso. We didn’t have our passports, so we initially declined…but sensed we were supposed to go, so we did. God got us in and out!…(wouldn’t recommend you do this unless the Lord tells you!) In this 3 hour meeting we sang and heard one testimony after another of how the Lord used these pastors to pray for their local police and law enforcement during this very dangerous time in Juarez. The Lord used these pastors to build relationships with the local police by praying for them , and they began to do their job—and the violence subsided! We walked the streets and saw the peace that now exists there. We are returning for a marriage retreat for these pastors/wives & possibly the Police in February! PRAY


After our visit in March, Pastor Aslam shared that a spirit of revival is in the churches & many are being baptized!




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