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BIO for Women's Events


Tammy Aten was born into a Baptist minister’s family in west Texas. She began singing at 2 years old with her mom, who played the piano and her father, who was a pastor and coach. She grew to love music and later pursued a double performance degree in piano & voice. While studying at Wayland University, she met her soon to be husband and after graduation, they were married and began serving as a music & youth pastor in west Texas. They began their family and their son Josh was born. Moving from west Texas to a church in New Mexico, they continued serving as a worship pastor and Tammy built her own successful piano & voice studio.
In 1990 God called them out of what was a dream situation for them to a life of faith and ministry on the road, through Experiencing God. That step of obedience has now taken them literally all over the world where Tammy has worn many hats from, worship leader, to teaching her own son & daughter on the road, to her own women’s event ministry. That journey began 28 years ago and has forged a story of incredible blessings that include her walk through breast cancer, prodigals and the loss of a parent through alzheimers. 
Tammy presently lives in Granbury, Texas with her husband where they continue to travel & share the Gospel through worship and host their Three2One Marriage Conferences world-wide. They serve as Staff Evangelist at their home base, Acton Baptist Church, in Granbury.

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