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"Your Marriage Is Your Second Greatest Testimony"  Jon Randles

This is Three2One. Three in One. Three as One... a ministry to husbands & wives of all ages, including engaged couples, experienced in a powerful custom retreat.  Each retreat is designed to encourage, refresh, educate, inspire and enrich couples in biblical Christian principles of marriage. It is a celebration of the mystery of marriage that includes inspiring sessions on relevant topics for all couples, plus quality couple time and intimate activities- all key parts of a Three2One event. Our desire is to tighten tightly (Ecc.4:12) this "Cord of 3 Strands" in a day where marriage is becoming optional. This strengthens The Family, and thus The Church. We all leave knowing that Marriage Matters for 2 reasons: #1, Your marriage is your second greatest testimony -- and #2, IT IS YOUR LEGACY.

Sunday Morning Forum
Sunday Morning Forum

Church Retreat


Our formats vary depending on each church. Custom retreats make each situation possible. The most common formats are as follows: 

  1. Friday night through Saturday noon. This includes starting with a romantic banquet & a general session, continuing Saturday morning with breakfast, breakout sessions with an optional picnic lunch and a closing ceremony. (Sunday morning service led by team optional) 

  2. Friday night through Saturday night format ends with the romantic banquet Saturday night, rather than Friday, where we would begin with breakouts and a general session. (Sunday morning service led by team optional) 

  3. Saturday/ Sunday format where sessions begin Saturday morning with banquet Saturday night and ending with special service led by our team on Sunday morning.  


These formats work for both on campus or away at a venue, if you choose to hold an overnight get away retreat. 

Recent Retreats: 

1. FBC Dimmitt, TX-Pastor Jonathan Sullivan
2. New Life Family Church, Benson, AZ-Pastor Steve Medeiros

3. Acton Baptist Church, Granbury, TX-Pastor Mark Roath

4. Trinity Baptist Church, Ada, OK-Pastor Rusty Fuller

5. FBC Andrews, TX-Pastor Brant O'Connor

6. Iglesia Wesleyana Metodista, Aveiro, Portugal-Pastor Joel Resende

7. Iglesia Bautisto Mantequinto, Seville, Spain-Pastor Irismenio Almeida

8. Pastor & Wive's Conferences, Lisbon, Portugal & Dnipro, Ukraine

9.  FBC Perryton, TX-Pastor Richard Haverty

10.  FBC Pleasanton, TX-Pastor Darrell Sullivan


Relevant subjects for marriages of all ages are addressed during general sessions and breakout times. Examples are: 


  • COMMUNICATION – The 5 Love Languages, He Said/She Said, Freedom from Busyness,  
    Languages of Apology, Speaking of Marriage, Resolving Conflict

  • SPIRITUAL INTIMACY – A Circle of Two, Experiencing God as a Couple, Connecting to the Power Source, When Couples Pray  

  • PHYSICAL INTIMACY – One Flesh, Sex that Sizzles, Journey to the Bedroom, Purity in Marriage 

  • FINANCES – Money Matters, Financial Peace 

  • PARENTING – The Spiritually Strong Family, Parenting isn’t for Cowards, Family Traditions, Parenting your Adult Children, Team Family 

  • DIFFERENCES – That’s Just the Way I Am, Personalities in Marriage, His Needs/Her Needs,  
    Genealogy, In-laws 

  • STORMS – Singing in the Rain, Growing Closer through Adversity 

  • DATING & ROMANCE – Making Love Last Forever, Creative Dating 

  • GENERAL – Marriage Matters, Love & Respect, Marriage 101, Boundaries, Forgive & Forget,  
    Panel Forum which addresses all topics listed above. 


We work with each church budget-wise, depending on size of retreat. We are sensitive to the cost of ministry events and therefore we only suggest average honorarium amounts. Most churches budget a portion of retreat costs and supplement by ticket sales. Depending on all your meal choices, venue, gift-bags, door-prizes, a church sets those costs in planning, plus Three2One honorariums, lodging and travel. 


We have a staff of 7 couples who serve in ministry or work with marriages that we potentially pull from, depending on size of retreat/number of couples expected.  


  • Suggested Honorariums range from $1500-$3500, depending on size of retreat.  

  • For retreats in Texas, travel expenses for all staff, except the Atens are included in honorariums. For events outside of Texas, travel expenses for all staff will be separate. Hotel lodging is also requested for our time with you—if arrangements other than hotel are necessary, let us know. We require no deposit to confirm the event but ask for the Aten’s travel/mileage expense in advance. 

As with any event, preparation is vital. We have a simple planning guide that will help you to plan your custom marriage celebration. Usually we recommend a church take 3 months to organize committees and/or delegate. As you begin to plan for a marriage conference, know you are opening up spiritual arenas that will aim to discourage and defeat any investment to be made in the families and marriages of your congregation. The enemy knows a church is only as strong as it’s individual families. Begin to pray with us for God to be honored as we celebrate & tighten this “cord” of 3 strands. 

For more information and photos/videos of our retreats, visit our @Three2OneMarriage facebook page.

Three2One Portugal
Couple Communion
Ukraine Pastor & Wives
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