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Ukraine 2018...& Presley Jo Leigh!

God plans such great things! We are still descending from the mountain of fellowship and ministry He gave us with these “called out” men and their wives of the former Soviet country, Ukraine. Last year before we left, Bishop Stephan asked us to pray about a vision he had of bringing together pastors and wives for a retreat of marriage enrichment in 2018. He explained that it would be the 1st one of its kind and it could only be possible with finances from outside. We were a little overwhelmed at the request and honestly left it out of mind for several months. But God was planning this incredible event all along and He would also pay for it through American Christians and Churches sponsoring each pastor and his wife. And He did that in the 30 days prior! Never late & done so that we all knew it was Him. You were one of those sponsors and in this photo is a “SPACIBO!" (thank you!) from each one of these couples. We have been invited to return next year for a similar retreat for couples from all these 70 churches! What a humbling invitation. Pray for this opportunity with us!

Bishop Stephan & Wife! Thankful for the Dixes! English Camp & the Gospel!

And lastly, but NEVER to be least...PRESLEY JO LEIGH ATEN! The newest cherub here on earth!

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